Finding Prospects through Dropcards / Sizzle Cards

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Finding Prospects through Dropcards / Sizzle Cards by William Palte For years folks have direct marketed to potential customers by randomly dispersing business cards. Sometimes, they would "drop" the cards with the intention that someone would pick up the card to see what was on it. Generally these cards would have something on them to prod the prospect inquire about the card so they would pick it up. Recently, a new-fangled version of the dropcard has become prominent. The dropcard was recently redesigned to look similar to currency but along with a marketing message on the rear of the card. The most valuable dropcards were produced to resemble the look of a $100 dollar bill. These drop cards have been very effective in countless distinctive techniques because they appear to be US currency. To get the dropcards very valuable, there should be a interesting idea on the card. This will initiate an adequate amount of curiosity so that the individual obtaining the card will conduct action on the message. What the communication includes appears to be up for discussion on a frequent basis but a large amount of marketers have the same opinion on several items. First, the letter on the dropcard ought to include a compelling call to action. The idea needs to be sharp and exact so anyone reading the letter will recognize precisely what to do. Typically, the memo would be a short announcement or question, such as, "You need to check this website NOW" or "Number 1 Home Based Business". Second, most letters are better if a phone number is not incorporated on the dropcard. Although this may appear counter effective to many, not having a phone number forces the person in the company of the card to log into the marketer's organization to have their curiosity resolved. This gives the marketer another try to emphasize his message and to start to create some trust. It also provides more time for the prospective customer to check the marketer's information before starting a dialogue. Third, the idea on the dropcard ought to include a website for the potential customer to evaluate. Typically, this will be a page that shows an overview of the business and a document to registerthe prospects' contact information. There is at times a phone number for customer since the potential customer now has an impression of what product or service is being promoted. A large amount has been written and talked about the most efficient marketing strategies for utilizing dropcards but there seems to be a brief list of the most efficient strategies. These include: gas pump credit card slots, newspapers, tollbooths, clothing stores, and bookstores. Each of these marketing thoughts require a specialized technique to be valuable. Every one of these techniques can be utilizedmost everyplace in the territory and are evenly effective anyplace. Now for the disclaimer. Sadly, the dropcard advertising probably will not get you hundreds on leads daily. They will find you a uniform, consistent stream of prospects, of which most will be very qualified since they took the effort to track you down. These are the type of leads that you are seeking anyway. They will also recognize how valuable dropcard marketing is because they were exposedusing the exact practice. In the end, the majority people will get going strong with the dropcards but gradually lose fascination. The majorreason is that dropcard marketing is not great glamour. It's easy to exhaust attention since you are not acquiring the style of leads which you would with pay-per-click, for instance. Nonetheless, you are also not paying the great cost of pay-per-click with a dropcard propsecting policy. Constancy will cause this plan to pay effectively with time and the expense to get started is quite low. This is beyond doubt a low cost prospectingtactic that can be implemented by most everyone. Bill Palte is an expert Online Marketer & Business Coach who specializes in helping people improve their marketing skills. The DropCard Marketing Strategy is only one of many that is taught through Bill's Marketing System Article Source: