How To Make Your Door Hangers More Visible

Date Added: November 25, 2009 07:23:07 AM
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How To Make Your Door Hangers More Visible by Andrew Michaels Visibility is key in door hangers. You want them to be seen as soon as people approach their door. You want your door hangers to stand out and be immediately focused upon. The more visible your door hanger is, the better it is at delivering its information. It is simple to do this if you know some tricks in door hanger printing. In this article, we will show you a few tricks on how to make your door hangers more visible. Use size to your advantage – Size is the simplest and easiest thing you can alter to make your door hangers more visible. Just print large door hangers and you should see people go wide eyed at the strange large door hanger at their door knob. It is indeed quite effective and people usually will enjoy the “huge” surprise waiting for them. Of course keep in mind that it should have to be properly large and not “monstrously” large so that people won't get scared with your door hangers. Use one vibrantly bright dominant color – Color is also something that can get your door hangers more visible. Using one very vibrant color will usual mark a color door hanger for attention. Crisp and bright yellow or orange door hangers will usually do the trick since they are the easiest to see from afar. You can even add some reflective coats on these colors so that they shine and reflect the light. Make your text stand out – Your text can also be a focal point in making your door hangers more visible. By using attention grabbing phrases like “Attention!” or “Important note!” you can get people to immediately look at your door hangers. You just need to print your text in big block letters with a simple and understandable font and it should be really clear for most people. Make sure though that the text color contrasts with the background color of the door hanger so that it is clearly seen from afar. Use unusual door hanger shapes – It is also possible to use unusual door hanger shapes to increase the visibility of your door hangers. You can dump the standard rectangular door hanger and produce differently shaped door hangers. Depending on your theme, you may want to create interesting, and even weirdly shaped designs. Star shaped door hangers, circles, hand shapes, animals and even baby shaped door hangers are among a few interesting examples that you can find inspiration from. As long as it is unusual, people will always notice it, so it becomes very visible. That's just a few of the many things you can do to make your door hangers truly visible. The above items though are the fundamental techniques that will usually be worth doing at first. So try them out and see how you can make more people pay attention to your custom door hangers. Good Luck! Visit these sites for more information on door hangers and door hanger printing